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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your Miami Kitchen

Posted on: August 28, 2016

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Are you planning a Miami kitchen renovation? Breathing new life into your kitchen space can make your home more comfortable and your kitchen more functional, and this upgrade can add significant value to your home. In fact, a major kitchen remodel can add almost $40,000 in value to your property and recoups over 60 percent of the costs when you resell your home. A brand-new kitchen is a sound investment for your home, but before you tackle the job, make sure you don’t make one of these five mistakes.

1. Ignoring Small Changes that Make Big Improvements

When you are investing in new floors, cabinets and countertops, it’s easy to overlook some of the smaller additions that can make your Miami kitchen more comfortable and streamlined. For instance, adding organization or pullouts to your pantry or installing a lazy Susan in a corner cabinet can make your kitchen more comfortable and functional. After choosing the big things, consider the small changes that will make your dream kitchen truly perfect.

2. Not Considering the Environment

Sure, you may be investing in low-flow faucets and energy-efficient lighting, but that’s just the first step in making your kitchen truly green. Don’t forget to choose ENERGYSTAR® labeled appliances and low VOC finishes. When picking your cabinets, choose cabinets certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which are crafted from wood using sustainable forest management practices. Consider a sustainable flooring option, like bamboo.

3. Forgetting the Flow of the Kitchen

Adding an island in the middle of your kitchen can be helpful, but not if it sits right in the middle of your normal walkway. When remodeling your kitchen, consider your normal workflow, and place appliances, cabinets and counters in such a way that they will allow you to use your kitchen as efficiently as possible.

In design terms, create a “work triangle,” which places the sink, stove and refrigerator in a triangular design. This will preserve the flow of your kitchen and make it a fully functional space. If the island fits in that design, then go ahead and add it!

4. Choosing Appliances Too Late

Your appliances should be the first thing you choose. This ensures that you can create spaces that fit the appliances, rather than being forced to find appliances that fit your spaces. Nothing’s quite as disappointing as falling in love with the fridge that would complete your kitchen design, only to find that it won’t fit into the nook you created for it. Choose appliances first, then choose cabinets and countertops that will fit around them.

5. Giving Up Too Much Counter Space

Adding appliances and other design elements is great, but don’t sacrifice too much counter space. Make sure your newly designed kitchen has as much, if not more, countertop space than before. Add room by extending the workspace using decorative corbels to make your countertops wider or longer.

Begin Your Miami Kitchen Renovation the Smart Way

Your Miami kitchen renovation experience should be a positive one, but your enjoyment of it will be dampened if you make one these mistakes. Plan carefully, and then enjoy the fruits of your planning with a streamlined kitchen and effective remodel.

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