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10 Stunning Outdoor Design Tips for Fire Features in Miami

Posted on: October 22, 2016

Are you looking for a way to make your Miami yard really shine? With our mild climate and warm nights, outdoor entertaining is a way of life here. Fire feature installation in Miami can make your outdoor entertaining even more engaging and comfortable. Here are some design ideas to consider if you are looking to install a fire feature in your Miami home.

1. Consider Covering It

Careful design can allow you to put a fire pit or fire feature under a gazebo or other cover, so you can enjoy it even when one of our famous Miami rain storms hits. Make sure you partner with a professional for this, however, so you do not create a fire or smoke damage risk.

2. Use Natural Building Materials

Stone and other natural building materials give an outdoor fire feature an earthy feel, and they also are a durable building material for fire places and pits. Consider complementing this with natural seating made from wood.

3. Consider a Fire Sculpture

If you are willing to forgo the wood fire feature in favor of a gas-powered one, talk to your landscape designer about fire sculptures. These interesting pieces of yard art use fire as an art medium, providing heat as well as interest to the yard.

4. Install a Fire Pit coffee Table

Some fire pits can double as a coffee table when not in use. If you are building an outdoor living area complete with lunge chairs and outdoor couches, consider this feature. It will provide your guests with a place to set their drinks when you aren’t lighting up the fire.

5. Recycle Something Metal

If you want your fire feature to draw attention, find something metal, like an old wash tub or large industrial pot, that you can recycle into your fire pit. As long as the metal is fire-safe, you can use it to house your fire feature and create an interesting addition to your yard.

6. Don’t Forget the Seating

Fire feature installation in Miami is a great addition to your yard, but make sure it’s as usable as possible. This requires proper seating. Whether you add seating or install seating as part of an entire setup that is connected with your fire pit, make sure you give your family and guests somewhere to recline to enjoy the fire you are working so hard to add.

7. Add the Fire Feature to Your Wall or Deck

If your outdoor designs require the addition of a retaining wall or deck, why not make it a two-fold structure? Build your fire feature into one corner of the deck or retaining wall, and you will have built-in warmth.

8. Merge it With Water

If you are going to install a fire feature in Miami, why not install a water feature too? The Zen combination of fire and water can make your space attractive and modern, and you can have the perfect balance of natural elements in your yard.

9. Consider a Fireplace

Fire features don’t have to be fire pits. If you want something that makes a statement, consider installing an actual fireplace in your outdoor living area.

10. Draw Attention to Your View

A fire feature is an automatic attention-grabber. If your property has a view, build your fire feature somewhere that will draw attention to that view.

Are you ready to invest in fire feature installation in Miami? Habify is here to help. Let us build on your ideas to create a fire feature that will draw attention and provide a cozy escape in your yard.

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