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Our Favorite Miami Patio Designs for 2017

Posted on: January 12, 2017

One of the simplest and most rewarding ways to expand your living space is with an outdoor patio, complete with ample space for entertaining, relaxing, cooking, or recreational activities. With an endless amount of design choices at your disposal, the sky’s the limit, so we decided to share our favorite patio designs for 2017 to provide you with inspiration for your own outdoor project.

The talented team of designers, contractors, and landscapers at Habify can help turn any backyard space into an outdoor oasis. We use high quality materials and native plants, with an eye towards sustainability and budget. 

1. A Patio That Braves the Elements

Mild year round temperatures allow South Florida homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space on an almost daily basis, and in 2017 patio design is all about the four elements: air, earth, fire, and water. With the scent of sweet, fresh air all around you, landscaping and container plants help incorporate greenery and fresh earth to your design, while an outdoor fireplace or fire pit will add a focal point as well as a touch of heat on cooler nights. And no patio design is complete without a water feature such as a fountain or pool to help guests keep their cool, while the soothing sound of flowing water helps to unwind.

2. Simple Patios

Outdoor furniture has come a long way, with durable fabrics and materials designed to withstand the elements as well as mildew and fade-resistant properties. Natural colors and tones that blend in with your outdoor surroundings, simple lines, and the occasional pop of color are trending in 2017.

3. Patio Designs that Make Your Expect the Unexpected

As an extension of your indoor space, your patio design should reflect the look and feel of your indoor space, and your personality. However, your patio should also be seamless. Hiding things like TVs, lighting, and other intricacies is a chance to keep a simple look but include all your amenities. Outdoor lighting, a big screen TV to catch the game, or weatherproof speakers to enjoy your favorite music help to personalize your patio, while enhancing its usability.

4. A Patio Design That Lets You Cook Up a Storm

Cooking outdoors helps to keep your home’s interior cool during peak summer months, while allowing you to entertain your guests while they relax by the pool. Enjoy all the modern conveniences of your indoor kitchen on your patio without having to set foot inside, with an outdoor grilling space, refrigerator, sink, and built-in storage space for all your accessories and cooking tools.

5. Zoned Patio Designs

The ultimate Mami patio design includes a number of different zones to maximize the feel and function of your outdoor living space. Provide separate areas for shade, cover in inclement weather, quiet conversation, dining, sitting around the fire, or enjoying the sun.

6. Green Patio Designs

Patio design in 2017 encompasses the entire backyard space, incorporating native landscaping elements to provide privacy, create an oasis-like feel, add color and shade, and muffle sound. Native plantings attractive native wildlife, flourish without the use of harsh chemicals or fertilizers, and add much needed life to any outdoor living space.

Expand your living space with custom patio design from the team at Habify. Call us today to learn more about our exclusive design process, at 877-907-6293, or contact us online to arrange for a consultation.

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