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Nothing is More Expensive than the Cost of Regret!

Posted on: March 26, 2015

When planning for a major home remodeling project, such as a kitchen or bath renovation, there is nothing more expensive than the cost of regret! Let’s break down the components of these projects to find the hidden ways your perception, decision making and outside influences can impact your satisfaction with the project after it’s completed.

  1. Who is managing the project and doing the work? Whether you decide to DIY or hire a pro, there will be various pros and cons that result.

In choosing to Do-It-Yourself, important questions to ask are: Do I have the time, talent and knowledge to see the project through from planning to completion? For smaller projects involving just replacement of superficial items, and where all major equipment stays in the same location, a homeowner with extra time, a limited budget and an eye for design can usually pull off the project with only a few headaches. Since these types of projects don’t require much technical knowledge, they are often comprised of just waiting for the delivery of new appliances or fixtures, calling a plumber to disconnect and reconnect a sink or toilet, arranging for a countertop fabricator to template and replace a countertop, and some paint for walls or existing cabinets. Because the deliveries and workers can be scheduled around the homeowner’s own timeline, and often don’t disrupt their space for very long,contentment and chances for success at completion are very high. Many homeowners will find that any inconvenience encountered in this DIY-type of project are much less when compared to the level of happiness imparted by the update to their kitchen or bath.

For a more extensive project where the financial investment is much higher and the work more complex, most homeowners will realize that they may be in over their heads. The question above “Do I have the time, talent and knowledge to see the project through from planning to completion?” becomes more important to answer. When you work full time, doing what you’re an expert in, it only makes sense that you would want to hire professionals with the time, talent and knowledge to manage a project of this magnitude. A firm specializing in remodeling has plenty of people who are experts at what they do best- from design and planning to budgeting to project management. The designer will work with you to make sure all of your goals and desires are met from the start of the project. They will present materials that are appropriate for the project in both style and budget. They will also factor in the small details that have a huge impact in the final look of the project from the get go, rather than as an afterthought. Most importantly, they will package all of the specifications into carefully designed plans to hand over to the production team so that all of these details come to fruition. The production team has all of the resources needed to make the project happen, usually quite smoothly. They are tasked with managing those carefully considered details of the project, the necessary licensed (and vetted) subcontractors who provide skilled labor, and to keep things moving on time, and in budget.

It is vital to understand that what you DON’T know can create the most regret on larger projects. Why would you invest $30,000 or more into a complex project that affects your largest investment- your home- where you are “learning on the job”? A qualified team will provide the expertise and experience to make your money work hardest for you, all the while providing peace of mind that the best details have been selected and executed to make your project the best it can be. Instead of having to throw money “on the fly” at items that weren’t considered from the get go- and which often create a domino effect of unforeseen pricing increases, frustration, and delays- you could have spent a little more upfront to insure a smooth project. By discovering all of the details in the beginning, budgeting for them, and following through on well laid plans, your investment is protected and the potential for any regret is minimized.

Please check back next week for this ongoing series to help you prevent regrets in your projects!

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