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How to Use Privacy Landscaping to Make Your Home More Private

Posted on: April 30, 2017

If you want additional privacy for your Coral Gables home, you can either build a tall, unsightly fence, or you can invest in privacy landscaping. Privacy landscaping in Coral Gables ensures that you have the privacy you crave, with an attractive look that benefits the aesthetics of your home, rather than detracting from it. Here are some ideas that will help you enjoy better privacy by using your landscaping.

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Privacy Landscaping Tip 1: Utilize Bamboo

Bamboo grows prolifically and quite tall, so if you can get it to grow well, it can be a great privacy landscaping option. Bamboo gives your yard an exotic look and can be a great asset to a home with an outdoor pool. Keep in mind that bamboo’s tendency to spread means you will need to trim and prune it regularly.

Privacy Landscaping Tip 2: Evergreen Hedges

Privacy landscaping in Coral Gables needs to be thick and lush year-round. Though our climate encourages this, some plants will still have seasons when they’re less full. Evergreen hedges eliminate this problem, providing a thick layer of foliage between you and the rest of the neighborhood. Plant evergreen hedges in a dense line, and choose shrubs to give yourself a low-maintenance privacy option. Evergreen hedges can even be planted in front of and around actual fencing to hide the fencing while still encouraging privacy and security.

Privacy Landscaping Tip 4: Trellises

If you don’t like the look of evergreens but want to plant something that will serve as a screen between your yard and the neighborhood, consider a trellis with a climbing plant. Many climbing plants have beautiful flowers, so they can add a splash of color to your yard, and the trellis itself serves as a visual and physical barrier between your home and the rest of the community. While not quite as private as a full hedge or fence, a trellis can clearly show the boundary between your private yard and the neighborhood.

Privacy Landscaping Tip 5: Container Gardening

Container gardening is typically thought of as a simple way to encourage food to grow in your yard, but it can also be a way to add privacy. The height of the container combined with the height of the plants can add a visual block between your activities in your yard and the people on the street. Choose the right containers, then properly place them around your yard to encourage this privacy.

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