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Top 5 Kitchen Design Don’ts for Miami Homes

Posted on: June 29, 2016

Planning a Miami kitchen remodel can be a fairly large task. It involves a ton of details, logistics, planning; the list could go on. And at Habify, we like to think we take a large amount of the sting out of the whole process. Our goal is to leave you enjoying only the best parts of your kitchen remodel; the payoff!

And while providing you with this often includes ideas and tips, our team feels that it is just as important to clue you in on what not to do. A streamlined, simple, smart approach to kitchen design, tends to rule out these no-nos, but many homeowners (especially those who attempt to take on the remodel plans themselves) end up biting off more than they can chew.

The Top Five Mistakes You Should Never Make in Miami Kitchen Design

You’d never know it with our expert designers, but there are plenty of mistakes to be made in kitchen design. But the five biggest problems we see with modern Miami kitchens include:

  1. Failing to plan counter space. There are loads of interesting gadgets, tools, appliances, and decorations in current design. But if you lack the precise amount of counter space, you basically lack a functional kitchen. Never forget the primary purpose of your kitchen, and leave plenty of solid, clean space for culinary genius!
  2. Disregarding relevant flow. Access to the sink, fridge, and similar appliances is crucial to a proper kitchen. Keep the locations of these tools in mind when you’re planning, and avoid blocking them, making them hard to access, or putting them so far apart that they’re a pain to work with.
  3. Underestimating how much storage you need. You have a ton of small items, foods, and utensils to store in a modern Miami kitchen. Find storage in smart, expertly placed pantries and pay mind to cupboard and drawer space, as well. There’s plenty of material and custom solutions out there that can fit your design dreams, while still giving you the adequate storage you need!
  4. Ignoring our weather. We know full well to only use materials that can handle hurricane season, but there are other structural aspects that can impact your design. Positioning windows and doors to let the warm Miami sun in is a must, as well as indoor-outdoor access.
  5. Failing to utilize expertise. We pride ourselves on coming up with designs that flow with the rest of your home. We’ve seen countless homeowners attempt to design their own kitchen, only to reveal a cluttered, gaudy mess at the end.  Do it yourself has been the “new wave” of television and modern design for years. And for many things, it suits just fine; providing new and fun ways to improve your home. But when it comes to a full-scale remodel, there is absolutely no one that can do it better than a professional. The scale and result of your project is massive, and to get exactly what you envisioned, you’re going to need experts who have dedicated their lives to making yours better.

The most important point we can make is that a kitchen remodel in Miami is a big undertaking. It involves a lot of time, and quite the investment if you plan on getting what you want. So take the time to ensure yours is perfect, and avoid these costly mistakes!

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