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Why Choose Habify for Your New Paver Driveway Add-On in Coral Gables, FL

Posted on: December 15, 2016

If you’re set on adding a paver driveway in Coral Gables, your smart choice is Habify. As an add-on to your landscaping project, we can create the perfect paver driveway to frame your home. We emphasize durability, sustainability and energy-efficiency in all we do, including driveways, and will handle the project from the initial start to the finishing details that give your home a cohesive look. If you’re choosing Habify for your home remodeling or landscape design needs, consider adding a paver driveway to the project to complete the look of your space.

An Add-On Paver Driveway from Habify Is:


Installing new driveway pavers or a stamped concrete driveway in Coral Gables and South Miami doesn’t have to be complicated. When you add a driveway service to your remodeling needs, we provide an all-inclusive service. From the initial design to finishing the final touches on your driveway, we will handle it all. Our team will take the time to get to know you and your home’s style, and offer a driveway that is a perfect match.


Habify has created a smart process that is stress-free for you. We’re also the smart choice because of our dedication to energy-efficiency, sustainability, and durability. This means you can have a new paver driveway or a stamped concrete driveway with minimal impact on the environment. Because of our focus on durability, you can also be confident that you’ll get the best craftsmanship for a driveway that will last.


The Habify way means careful planning. Every detail, from preparing the ground under the driveway to the driveway pavers or concrete material selection, is carefully planned. Our team is here for you, helping to answer your questions and keeping you informed about current progress and what the next steps are. Our team arrives on time and delivers consistent results that will exceed your expectations.


A driveway is an aesthetic part of your home’s design, but it’s also a practical addition to your Coral Gables property. After all, it’s the driveway you use every day to enter and exit your home, and at Habify we believe in practicality through the design process. When remodeling your home and installing a new driveway, we believe we must be practical. As we help you decide your options, we will discuss your budget, the timing of the project, the finished design and the complexity of the project to help you make wise choices. We’ll create an accurate budget, so you always know what to expect and never have surprises when you get your final bill. That’s practicality, and that’s the Habify way.

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