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Why Choose Habify for Your Pool Remodeling Project in South Miami?

Posted on: January 15, 2017

If you have been dreaming of adding a pool or remodeling your pool in South Miami, Habify is the smart choice. The pool builders at Habify work to make your pool building project simple by putting our smart design processes, expert contractors and knowledgeable construction team to work for you. Because we are a full-service landscaping and design firm, we can build a pool and work the existing landscaping around it to create a true oasis in your yard. Throughout the pool designing and building process, we emphasize sustainability, durability, and energy-efficiency. We handle the entire process, from the initial concept to the finishing touches, so you can enjoy the finished result without stress or frustration.

South Miami Pool Remodeling with Habify Is:


When you choose to install a pool in your South Miami home, our pool builders make the process as simple as possible. After consulting with you about your desires, we’ll present you a working design that incorporates everything you want, keeping your priorities and design preferences in mind, while also protecting the flow and function of your yard.


Pool remodeling with Habify is smart, because we’ve streamlined the process to make it as stress-free as possible. We are also the smart choice because of our emphasis on protecting the environment through energy-efficient, sustainable design and build practices, while also focusing on a finished design that is durable. This means your finished pool will not only bring fun to your family, but also help you meet your own eco-friendly goals.


At Habify, we stand behind our work. We take the same steps every time we remodel a pool, with carefully planned details so we can provide reliable estimates on everything from time to budget. We strive to deliver consistent results that will exceed your expectations every day. Our pool builders will gladly answer your questions, show up on time for appointments and ensure you know what is happening with the project through regular email updates!


In the end, Habify is the practical option for your pool build. Because of our intense focus on energy-efficiency, we take a practical, waste-conscious approach to every pool we install. We also are practical about helping you balance your budget and your dreams for your outdoor entertaining space. This helps you plan for the financial end of things while we plan for the actual building of your pool, making us the practical choice for your pool building project.

Choose Our Habify Pool Builders For Your Pool Remodel in South Miami, FL!

When you need a landscape design or pool remodeler in South Miami, you know who to call! We’re here waiting for you, or feel free to come by our design studio in Coral Gables!

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