Home Design and Remodeling in the Miami Area.

What is Habify?

Habify is a full service home remodeling company. That means we offer all of the products and services a homeowner needs to renovate their home in one package. Instead of hiring a designer, a general contractor and purchasing finish materials from different showrooms and stores, Habify allows you to get it all from a single vendor.

Why would I choose to work with a company like Habify instead of taking a more traditional approach?

Whether our approach is right for you will depend upon your personal situation but the most common benefits include:

  • Convenience
  • Efficiency
  • Accountability
  • Dependability

Are there any types of home remodeling services that Habify does not offer?

We offer virtually every type of home remodeling service with the exception of roof replacement and whole house window replacement. When our clients are in need of these services we can provide referrals to quality companies with whom they contract with directly.

Almost all of our projects include the full remodel of at least one major room or space in the house – a kitchen, bathroom, patio & garden or speciality room like a media room, home office or guest cottage.

Does Habify offer home additions, new construction or work on commercial spaces?

Habify focuses our 100% of our energy on delivering a streamlined, hassle free process for residential remodeling, which is fundamentally different from all other types of construction. So that we can be the best that we possibly can at remodeling, we choose not perform home additions, new construction or commercial construction services.

If I have my own contractor can I hire Habify to design my project and supply my finish materials?

Currently we only provide design services for projects on which we will serve as general contractor.

If I hire Habify for my project may I supply my own finish materials?

To better ensure the success of the project and simplify the selection and purchasing process, Habify requires that our customers select and purchase their finish materials and equipment from our network of suppliers and distributors.

We have put together an expansive portfolio of manufacturers that can meet the needs of every budget, style or design. Our clients rarely, if ever, have a problem finding exactly what they want and we handle everything – ordering, storage, delivery and warranty.

Appliances, natural stone slabs and wood flooring are excluded from this policy.

Can Habify provide me with a free estimate for my project?

We believe there is a better way to figure out how much your project will cost than a “free estimate” or “quote.” Our philosophy is that a budget or estimate is only as good as the time and energy that is put into it. It is not likely that anyone puts much time or energy into a free estimate for a remodeling project, which means that estimate is generally worthless. We can help give you an idea of what your project may cost based on what our past projects cost but that is only a guideline. After that, we have a measured process for establishing a budget based on the requirements YOUR project that begins with a brief phone call and a visit to our design studio. Click here to read more about our approach to the budget process.

Is Habify a “green” company?

Habify believes in using materials and processes that foster energy & water efficiency, durability and good indoor air quality without sacrificing aesthetics, budget or convenience. Strategies to improve “Home Performance” are built in to every project we do.

What is “Home Performance” and how do you determine what changes make sense for my home?

Your home is made up of many parts that work together as a system (Air conditioning, duct work insulation, windows etc.) When one isn’t working well it affects the others and can negatively impact air quality, energy use and the durability of your home.

Every home is different and there is not one approach that will be right for all homes. The fundamentals however are the same, keep the heat and humidity out and make sure you are conditioning and filtering the air inside your home without using more electricity than you need to. Properly sealed ductwork, adequate insulation, and energy efficient mechanical equipment and appliances are crucial in the performance of every home.

What can I do to improve the air quality in my home?

If you have poor indoor air quality the first step is identifying the cause. While air filtration is very important the source of poor air quality needs to be addressed, whether it is moisture, air infiltration or a combination of the two.

Why should I use native plants in my yard?

Native plants have evolved over thousands of years to thrive in South Florida with our existing soils and rainfall patterns. By designing with carefully selected native plants that are appropriate for the particular conditions on your property, your garden can grw without fertilizers, pesticides and the excess irrigation that most yards rely upon. Native birds and butterflies have also evolved over thousands of years to eat, native plants so Native landscapes are brimming with life!

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