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Home Remodeling the Habify Way

As a design-build firm, we simplify your home remodel by combining smart design, an inspiring showroom, and expert construction and contracting.  Our full-service home remodeling firm will completely transform your space into one that fits seamlessly with your lifestyle. With an emphasis in energy-efficiency, sustainability, and durability, we cover every aspect of your home remodel, from design to execution and detailing.

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Home remodeling in Miami couldn’t get any simpler. Our home remodels are all-inclusive, from the design to the construction and finishing touches. Our process begins with a visit to our showroom so we can begin to understand your home, your motivation for your home remodel and your priorities. Once we understand your individual lifestyle and design preferences, we get to work transforming your space into one that is sustainable, durable, and environmentally conscious.

It’s smart to remodel the Habify way, and not only because our process is streamlined to be stress-free and simple. Our emphasis in energy-efficiency, sustainability, and durability is evident in every home remodeling project we complete, meaning you can always expect the best craftsmanship and building materials in your home remodel. We incorporate an integrated home design, which increases efficiency, accountability, convenience, and dependability.

Your home remodeling project is carefully planned out to the minute details. Our structured remodeling process uses the same steps and approach on every project to deliver consistent results and always meet your expectations. Our Remodeling designers and in-house construction crew are always available to answer your questions, and we always make sure you’re a partner in the project every step of the way. We even send you an email at the end of every work day with a recap and preview of plans for the next day!

Practicality keeps us—and our clients—grounded, and plays a large role in our home remodel plans. With our company roots in energy efficiency remodeling, all that we do still starts with being practical, durable, healthy and sustainable. During every project, we aim to help you balance your priorities in creating the home of your dreams. As we discuss your home remodel, we’ll discuss budget, timing, finish quality, and design complexity to make sure your expectations align with our design strategy. An accurate budget is created based on your scope and concepts, ensuring no surprises at the end of your home remodel.

Add-Ons to Your Home Remodel Project

As a full-service design/build firm, we have additional options to absolutely transform your living space. A few of these include:

Fire features –During your home remodel, we can design and construct your absolute dream indoor or outdoor fire feature to keep you cozy during our chilly winter nights.

Outdoor Design – No home remodel is complete without a perfect landscape to surround you with lush greenery and amenities. This includes landscape design, landscape lighting, patio and driveway construction, and more.

Pool construction and refurbishing –Sometimes taking a dip in the ocean isn’t in the cards, and you need an outdoor pool to satisfy your aquatic craving. We’ll create one that perfectly suits your needs.

Outdoor kitchens – Why would you live in the Miami area and not have an outdoor kitchen? The weather is perfect for nights out grilling for friends or hosting a party.

Basement remodels – If you have a basement, don’t let the space go to waste. We can transform it with the addition of a wet bar, entertainment center, even a movie theater!

Room or home additions – if your family is growing or you just need more space, we can build out your home until it’s the size you need.

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Habify was established in 2010 with the mission of making high quality home improvements simple, enjoyable and affordable for homeowners everywhere.

We are guided by six core values that define who we are and how we operate as a company.  If you decide to work with Habify as a customer, vendor or member of our team these core values are what you should expect from us.

Integrity: We keep the promises we make and avoid making promises that cannot be kept. We remain honest, loyal and professional.

Knowledge: We perpetually build professional expertise.  We use what we know to create value for our customers.

Simplicity: We use thoughtfully planned systems to make complicated work easier.  We adhere to these systems rigorously.

Candor: We speak the truth when it needs to be heard and hear the truth when it needs to be spoken, even if it is uncomfortable.  We are mindful that words and tone are as important as the message.

Levity: A smile is the most powerful tool in the bag.  We balance the seriousness of our work with a sense of humor.

Collective Success: We make sure customers, vendors, city officials and co-workers are continuously rewarded by their association with Habify.  We enable their success so it will sustain our own.

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