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Outdoor Kitchens in Miami

Today’s Miami homeowner enjoys more than just a patio with scattered furnishings here and there. For the modern Miami resident, your outdoor living space is an extension of your home, providing comfortable seating, a place to play and a place to gather. Why not also give yourself a place to cook? Habify can create a smartly designed custom outdoor kitchen that gives you all of the conveniences of your indoor kitchen! Transform your backyard into an outdoor living area with concepts by Habify.

Outdoor Kitchens with Habify Are...
  • Simple
  • Smart
  • Reliable
  • Practical

Outdoor kitchen installations in Miami couldn’t get any simpler.  We take care of everything for you—so say goodbye to juggling multiple contractors. Everyone on the Habify team is an absolute expert in their field, and thoroughly vetted. Our outdoor kitchen design process begins with a visit to our showroom so we can begin to understand your home, your style, and what features you need in your new kitchen.  Once we understand your priorities for the space and design preferences, we get to work transforming your home.

All of our designs are created with smart efficiency in mind, making the most out of your space. Your outdoor kitchen from Habify will take the grill and expand upon it, giving you everything you need to cook a full gourmet meal. The grill is the central focus, but we can install a sink, stove, oven, storage and even a mini-fridge. A few examples of can be included in outdoor kitchens include:

  • Sinks
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Cabinets
  • Grills
  • Cook tops
  • Ovens
  • Counter space
  • Cutting boards

In addition to being fun and functional, an outdoor kitchen can be a green addition to your home. When you cook indoors, you drive up the heat in your home, which drives up your cooling costs during our hot and humid summers. Also, when you partner with Habify, your outdoor kitchen will have environmentally-friendly features, so you will be saving energy in more ways than one.

Your outdoor kitchen project is planned out according to our structured process. Our structured remodeling process uses the same steps and approach on every project to deliver consistent results and always meet your expectations. Keeping you in the loop of what is happening with your remodel is a top priority, so we make sure to send you an email at the end of every workday to summarize the day’s progress and give you a preview of the next day’s plans.

Practicality is a cornerstone of all our designs, and the same is true for our outdoor kitchens. Every outdoor kitchen we create starts with being durable, healthy, and sustainable. By weighing your wants with your priorities and must-haves, we are always confident we can produce a bathroom design you’ll love. Budget, timing, complexity, materials, and the state of your yard are all factors that we consider when determining priorities for your outdoor kitchen. We calculate an accurate budget based on your scope and concepts, ensuring no surprises will greet you towards the end.

Experience the Habify Difference for Your Miami Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Your Miami outdoor kitchen project begins with a friendly hello. Give us a call at or contact us online.

Habify was established in 2010 with the mission of making high quality bathroom improvements simple, enjoyable and affordable for home owners everywhere.

We are guided by six core values that define who we are and how we operate as a company.  If you decide to work with Habify as a customer, vendor, or member of our team, these core values are what you should expect from us.

Integrity: We keep the promises we make and avoid making promises that cannot be kept. We remain honest, loyal, and professional.

Knowledge: We perpetually build professional expertise. We use what we know to create value for our customers.

Simplicity: We use thoughtfully planned systems to make complicated work easier. We adhere to these systems rigorously.

Candor: We speak the truth when it needs to be heard and hear the truth when it needs to be spoken, even if it is uncomfortable. We are mindful that words and tone are as important as the message.

Levity: A smile is the most powerful tool in the bag. We balance the seriousness of our work with a sense of humor.

Collective Success: We make sure customers, vendors, city officials, and co-workers are continuously rewarded by their association with Habify. We enable their success so it will sustain our own.

Yes, you can have an outdoor kitchen with one quick phone call to our design and installation team. Talk to Habify to create your outdoor kitchen design, and transform your backyard into a space for convenient cooking today!

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