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Home Remodeling The Habify Way

Habify is a process driven company.  Following the same steps on every project helps us minimize the confusion, anxiety and chaos that can occur during a remodeling project.  The process we have developed involves 4 phases that build upon one another incrementally until the project is 100% complete.  Below is a summary of how our process works.

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Objective: Efficiently provide you with clear, accurate information that will help you make a confident decision on whether to continue pursuing the project.

Our designer and project developer will visit your home to analyze the scope of work and take measurements.  We will review potential ideas with you and illustrate them by creating preliminary designs on the spot.  We will transparently develop an all inclusive, itemized budget based on the actual scope of work, design features and your desired finish quality.  At the end of Concept Development, you will know the investment level required to deliver your project and how adjusting the scope or design might impact that investment level.

Who is involved: All project decision makers, Habify Design
Location: Client Residence  In some cases a follow up at the Habify Design Studio may be required.
Duration: 1-2 hours per project space*
Costs: $250 per project space**

*A project space is defined as a Kitchen, Bathroom or Outdoor Kitchen.
**Concept Development fees will be applied to future project costs.

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Objective: Deliver a design and written project plan that completely addresses the scope & budget criteria outlined during Concept Development.

Building on the discussions and outcomes of the Concept Development Phase, we will develop the key details of your project.  A detailed scope of work will be written and we will create design plans and 3D renderings. Finish materials will be selected according to your style and budget.  Within a few weeks, will meet again at our Design Studio to review it all.  With your feedback, we will make any necessary adjustments and then provide you with a comprehensive fixed price Production Agreement to complete the project.  At the end of Design & Planning, you will be ready to hire Habify to build your project.

Duration: 3-6 weeks depending size & complexity of project
Costs: Design Retainer Fee of $2500 per space**

**Design & Planning fees will be applied to future project costs.

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Objective: Create construction documents, secure all required building permits, complete the finish materials purchasing process, and finalize project schedule.

Once your sign your Production Agreement, we will produce documents for permitting, shop drawings and detailed project specifications. Once you give final approval on your material selections everything will be ordered. Concurently we will apply for permits, prepare the schedule and mobilize your project team. As soon as your materials are ready and the permit is approved we will set your start date.  The last step before staring work is a kickoff meeting in your home with the entire team to officially handoff the project to ourProduction Department.

Duration: 4-8 weeks depending size & complexity of project
Costs: 40% deposit on construction fees.  Finish materials are invoiced in full as they are ordered and delivered

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Objective: Deliver your project on schedule according to approved specifications with minimal “completion list” items.  Communicate and resolve unexpected issues efficiently and transparently.

Nothing we do will guarantee things go perfectly each day of the project, but the remodeling experience can still be satisfying and free from anxiety as long as you know what to expect. We understand the stress remodeling can put on a household so we take great care to protect your home from dust and ensure the safety of your family and pets throughout the project. Our staff and Trade Contractors will be there to ensure the work is completed according to the design specs with a high level of craftsmanship. Your personalized project website will keep you plugged in with a real-time schedule, photo updates, regular progress reports and project financials.

Duration: 6-12 weeks depending size & complexity of project
Costs: Payments are based on completion of project milestones.

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