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Home remodeling in Miami Shores: smart, sustainable, luxury remodels from the most reputable design-build firm in Florida.


Our Home Remodeling Services in Miami Shores, FL

As a full-service design/build firm, we can completely transform your living space, and do it seamlessly. You can count on our home remodeling contractors for:

Kitchen Remodeling – Your kitchen is the hub of your home, and should be a place to entertain and unwind. From modern to classic, your dream kitchen will be everything you’ve ever wanted.

Bathroom Remodeling –  Your bathroom should be more than a room, it should be an escape from everyday life. Whether your dream bathroom remodel is relaxing and spa-like or a complete dressing room with a mini-fridge and TV, you can trust our remodeling contractors to get it done.

Whole-Home Remodeling – Transform your entire home into the house of your dreams with our sustainable, smart design.

Outdoor kitchens – Why would you live in the Miami Shores area and not have an outdoor kitchen? The weather is perfect for nights out grilling for friends or hosting a party.

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Habify was established in 2010 with the mission of making high quality home improvements simple, enjoyable and affordable for homeowners everywhere.

We are guided by six core values that define who we are and how we operate as a company.  If you decide to work with Habify as a customer, vendor or member of our team these core values are what you should expect from us.

Integrity: We keep the promises we make and avoid making promises that cannot be kept. We remain honest, loyal and professional.

Knowledge: We perpetually build professional expertise.  We use what we know to create value for our customers.

Simplicity: We use thoughtfully planned systems to make complicated work easier.  We adhere to these systems rigorously.

Candor: We speak the truth when it needs to be heard and hear the truth when it needs to be spoken, even if it is uncomfortable.  We are mindful that words and tone are as important as the message.

Levity: A smile is the most powerful tool in the bag.  We balance the seriousness of our work with a sense of humor.

Collective Success: We make sure customers, vendors, city officials and co-workers are continuously rewarded by their association with Habify.  We enable their success so it will sustain our own.

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Our Miami Shores remodeling process begins and ends with a phone call. A major pain point for many homeowners looking for a remodel is the unpredictable timetable. You don’t have to worry about late projects with Habify. During your remodeling project we take 7 precise steps, which keep us on track to complete on your schedule. This project is for you, so we make sure to keep you informed on all details and updates for your remodeling project. Habify is different from other home remodeling contractors in Miami Shores because we require both an in-home consultation and a visit to our studio. During your in-home consultation we take measurements and view the structural aspects of your space, which will help us create an energy-efficient design that flows seamlessly into your home. You’re able to touch, see, and even smell the different woods, natural stones, and other materials available to use for you home, which helps stimulate your inspiration and creativity.

One thing you’ll find is that we have bios for all of our staff. We feel it’s important for you to see behind the curtain and have access to the remodelers behind the face of Habify. Our remodeling work could not be complete without every member of our team, and each and every one is important during the remodeling and design process. Each individual we hire is unique and brings something different and special to our company, and you’ll see that as well in your finished Miami Shores remodel.

Why do Miami Shores homeowners prefer to work with us for their remodeling projects? Because our innovative expertise and customer service is unmatched by any remodeling contractor in Miami Shores. All of our clients are given a completely personal experience, with a focus on communication and treating your home like our own. No matter your preferences, our designers match you with the best materials and remodel layout to fit your unique personality and lifestyle. View our client testimonials and reviews on Guild Quality, and be sure to leave your own review.

As a design-build firm, we simplify your Miami Shores remodel by combining smart design, an inspiring showroom, and expert construction and contracting. All of our projects are created with expert attention to detail, top-quality craftsmanship, and only the highest quality materials. With an emphasis in energy-efficiency, sustainability, and durability, we cover every aspect of your remodeling project, from design to execution and detailing. Our most sought-after interior remodeling projects in Miami Shores include:

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